S.N. Title of the Paper Authors Download
01 Photoluminescence Properties of White Light Emitting
Kbapo4:Dy3+ Phosphor
Govind B. Nair, S. J. Dhoble* Download
02 Single Crystal Growth And Dielectric Properties Of
Gallium(Iii) Doped Kdp By Shankarnarayan- Ramasamy Method
N. S. Meshram, V.R. Raghorte,B. A.Shingade
N. M. Gahane , K. G.Rewatkar, V. M. Nanoti
03 Super-paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia Applications N. N Sarkar* K.G Rewatkar1 V.M Nanoti,C.S.Prakash3 Download
04 Super Paramagnetic Behaviuour Of Mn Subsstituted Zn
Ferritees Nanopartical Prepred By Sol-Gel Auto Combustion Route
Govind B. Nair, S. J. Dhoble* Download
05 Linear Power Amplifiers: Basic Considerations of SwitchedMode Assisted Amplifiers N. V. Shiwarkar, A. P. Bhat, K. G.Rewatkar Download
06 SSynthesis Of ALMgFe12O19 Hexa Ferrite For Data Storage Application P. M. Bodele, A.P. Bhat, R.M. Singh,
S. T. Chatterjee, S. J. Dhoble,K.G. Rewatkar
07 Dielectric properties of microwave absorbing material used A.P. Bhat,S. J. Dhoble, K.G.Rewatkar Download
08 Gsm Based Heart Monitering System For Pre-Mature Babies Bhat A. P., Mesharam S.P., Dhawad K.K., Ballal A.A Download
09 Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Monitor using Fingertip Sensors Bhat A. P.,Dhoble S. J.,Rewatkar K.G. Download
10 Simulation of high efficiency techniques for n-type multicrystalline solar cells Bhat A. P., Dhoble S. J., RewatkarK.G Download
11 Unique Interfacing System For Multiple Sensor Data Acquisition
And Control System Using Virtual Instrumentation
A. P. Bhat,N.V.Shiwarkar,S.J.Dhoble,K.G.Rewatkar Download
12 A review paper on magnetic nanoparticles ferrites used in biological applications P. K. Tembhurne, K. G. Rewatkar, S. J.Dhoble Download
13 Microstructure And Magnetic Studies Of Zinc Ferrite Nano- Particles
With Co Doping For High Frequency Microwave Absorber
S. T. Chattrejeeb, A. P. Bhata, R.M.Shinghb,
P.M. Bodeleb, S. J. Dhoblec, K. G. Rewatkarb
S. T. Chatterjee, S. J. Dhoble,K.G. Rewatkar
14 Thermal, UV & Magnetic Studies of Complexes of Ethyl Xanthates with Co(III), Fe(III), Ni(II) and Zn(II) S.S. Sakhare Download
15 Low Surface Leakage Current Of Bife2o3 Thin Films Deposited
On Ito Substrates By Using Pulsed Laser Deposition
A.P.Bhat,S.J.Dhoble,K.G.Rewatkar Download